Mike Seed - A Boy Mistaken for a Crow

A Boy Mistaken for a Crow

Mike Seed

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Mike Seed - A Boy Mistaken for a Crow

"Sequestered like some immensely valuable lost scripture, Mike Seed continues unerringly to produce important work after important work, whether alone or as part of the Phantom Carriage collective; music that comes through him yet not from him. Accompanied by guitar or autoharp or simply a cappella, the songs evoke, with a compelling beauty, the tales of those who cannot find a place of rest: all that exists is not manifest." - Rob Smith (Safetyword)

An eerie journey through 20 short folk songs with contributions from Justin Jones of Techix and R. Loftiss of The Gray Field Recordings.


"...an introvert album packed with 20 naked and haunting folk miniatures that tend to look inwards rather than outwards. Beautifully picked guitar and Seed’s affecting voice are at the center..." - The Broken Face

"...a carnivalesque record, with Seed as the laconic barker showing us what is inside each garish little tent, those that just happen to be in and outside of ourselves." - Foxy Digitalis

"Dark, haunting, strange and decidedly wyrd-folk... enticing and captivating, to be listened to by flickering candlelight."- Ptolemaic Terrascope

"Guitar work such as Mike Seed's will be enjoyed by two audiences, those enjoying the original folk music and further those listening to the dynamically progressive acoustic finger work with its heart firmly embedded in American style of modern folk...
imbued with melodies of raw and introspective melancholy...."
- Heathen Harvest

"...sparse, delicate, very evocative, sometimes spooky and always enthralling... Fantastic album." - KZSU


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  1. Dear Companion
  2. Take Your Rest
  3. Sleep In My Melody
  4. Holy Nightmare
  5. Letting In the Night
  6. Dear Old Crow
  7. Moonless Lane
  8. Ghost Words
  9. Ember Week
  10. Well, It Won't
  11. Bootless
  12. Summer Sleep
  13. A Boy Mistaken for a Crow
  14. Ticks
  15. A Single Glass
  16. Words and Sleep
  17. Appearing / Disappearing
  18. Burying a Hare
  19. Below the Thorn
  20. Look Who Stands