Temple Music - Children of the Sun

Children of the Sun

Temple Music

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Temple Music - Children of the Sun

A slight departure from their previous avant-folk/drone releases, Children of the Sun is a bold and unerringly excellent album of six powerfully epic songs. What makes it so evocative is how easily it transcends any single genre... instead gliding through psychedelic-inspired krautrock transforming to melancholic rock ballads. The narratives are moments suspended in time and timeless.

This edition comes with a beautifully hand-painted cover by Alan Trench with gold stamping throughout and a separate lyric sheet.


"...one moment you really are presented with a bona-fide song of memorable melodies and verses and then ... a vivid, experimental landscape of sound without missing a heartbeat..." - Was Ist Das?

"Alan Trench and bandmate Stephen Robinson are not only experts and virtuosos of the folk, but also children of the punk and New Wave era, and nothing [shows it] more than this [album]..." (Google translation) - African Paper

"More of the excellent lyrics by Trench/Robinson ... starts to hit a nice groove musically like the Krautrock bands Harmonia/Cluster etc.and more of the great Trench guitar!! ...my only complaint about this CD is that it's too short!" - Aural Innovations


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  1. Mirrors
  2. Children of the Sun
  3. Ism
  4. Death Went Fishing
  5. Momentum
  6. Warlord of the Royal Crocodiles