Ctephin - Duad



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7" Vinyl Single 2 tracks £5.00


Ctephin - Duad

Originally released by Drone Records and limited to 300 with white or gray stamped on the jacket. Ours, however, is limited to 25 in gold stamp.

Housed in a glossy black jacket with gold ink hand-stamped on the outside; red insert with gold printing and a marbled gold record with a silver label. The music is refined and as gorgeous as the packaging.


"For me, little more is needed in a release like this. Excellent experimental tracks, a loving physical presence with quality vinyl and hand-painted covers, and as such a pristine example of some of the best things to come out of the ever-growing series of Drone Records. Highly recommended!"- Evening of Light

"With Duad Ctephin present an entertaining Ambient Noise / Drone work that might inspire musically and outwardly - my absolute recommendation..." - Kultur (Terrorismus)

"...arouses associations with alchemy, the philosopher's stone, to transform." - Black Magazin


7" Vinyl Single (DR0097)
  1. Heaven (Beatific Vision)
  2. Hell (Precipice of Origin)