Crow Tongue - Ghost : Eye : Seeker

Ghost : Eye : Seeker

Crow Tongue

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Crow Tongue - Ghost : Eye : Seeker

Crow Tongue’s first full length finds them summoning distant howls from the fog of night. Fingerpicked strings and Eastern instruments recall Crow Tongue’s musical heritage (the acid-folk of Stone Breath), but here they are layered with primitive homemade instruments, circuit-bent electronics, and mantric drones.


"...look to the Whore Rising, salute the Odin and the rest of the Heroes, kick the Gods' lard arses into touch, and hail TiMOTHy Revelator as being one highly useful Son of the Bitch." - Head Heritage

"The music pulses, it's alive and shattering, very real in an unreal sort of way and perfectly smashing for that red X you have marked on your calendar as 'that special day for a transcendent meltdown.'" - Foxy Digitalis

"...something like droning harmonium, a sitar-like instrument for lead improvisations, slide guitars, fuzzed and distorted guitars, feedback guitar sounds, which together create a beautiful rich sound for the rather psychedelic improvisations..." - Psyche Van Het Folk

"...a truly astounding and captivating listen." - Sputnik Music


CD Album (H/E034)
  1. Ghost Eye Gaze: Ghost Eye See
  2. Ghost Eye Gaze, Brightless Gaze: The True Vision
  3. Ghost Eye Gaze: The Silverspun Web
  4. Ghost Eye Gaze: Cloud Eye Sight
  5. Ghost Eye Gaze: Beneath Wings, Above Wind
  6. Seeker: Seeker Chant
  7. Seeker: Dream Asleep, Pray Awake
  8. Candle, Corpse And Bell