The Gray Field Recordings - Hypnagogia


The Gray Field Recordings

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The Gray Field Recordings - Hypnagogia


"...the precision in which [these] ethereal compositions come to life is nothing short of spectacular." - Foxy Digitalis

"Don’t expect easygoing tracks, instead you will undergo a journey through several minimal yet melodic explorations featuring exquisite and subtle female spoken words that intervene here and there. The whole exhumes a rather occult atmosphere...”Side-Line

"This is a multi-faceted and complex project that lives in a parallel sound universe to folks like Magic Carpathians, Fursaxa and Jackie-O-Motherfucker but seemingly without any connections to the outside world." - Ptolemaic Terrascope


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  1. Bloodstream (Runey Moon Version)
  2. Ring Bells
  3. House of a Grape
  4. In Exodus
  5. Prelude to an Alchemical Wedding
  6. Forty White Horses
  7. You Have Suffered
  8. Nancy's Song to Charlie
  9. Stars Fall to Earth
  10. Passiflora
  11. Creeping