Techix - Monosymphonic



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" lifts you up and down, puts you in places of drowsy twilight , of sadness and wonder." - Funprox

" engrossing musical foray where many have tried and failed." - Aural Pressure

"...remarkably enticing and even hypnotic in its unbridled dedication to strangeness." - Sonic Curiosity

"At heart Justin is a classical violinist with an ear also for folk and world melodies. However he takes the violin and uses it as a launch point for all kinds of wonderful music..." - Woven Wheat Whispers


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  1. Silverflame
  2. Bhodi's Last Breath
  3. Yellowjacket
  4. Overdamped
  5. Narge
  6. Drumtah
  7. Boklock
  8. Dead After All
  9. Tear of Dust
  10. Un Dia Mas
  11. Snowfish
  12. Vlnbeat