The Gray Field Recordings - Nature Desires Nature

Nature Desires Nature

The Gray Field Recordings

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The Gray Field Recordings - Nature Desires Nature


" Once more, I can only heartily recommend this excellent latest album by The Gray Field Recordings, and it is my wish that these recommendations don’t fall on too many deaf ears..." - Evening of Light

" of such tender loveliness as to revitalise even desensitised antennae such as those found on either side of the head of an old heard-it-all hack and reduce him to the status of a blissed-out grinning fool..." - Ptolemaic Terrascope

"Is this goth music? Film music? Indie classical? Ambient soundscapes? It’s a little of all of the above, it’s totally original and a lot of it is absolutely haunting."... - New York Music Daily


CD Album (RW181)
  1. Nature
  2. The Maple Seldom Inward Sound
  3. Willow Waly
  4. Star Bells
  5. A Descent
  6. Scared Of Wolves
  7. Honey Locust
  8. Cherubim Wheels
  9. A Little World/ In A Field Or Far Away