Stone Breath - The Aetheric Lamp

The Aetheric Lamp

Stone Breath

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Stone Breath - The Aetheric Lamp

Stone Breath's first release since their triumphant return with The Shepherdess and the Bone-White Bird - The Ætheric Lamp finds them exploring similar territory to the expansive Middle Eastern influenced sounds of that previous record. Intricate and driving - half composed and half improvised - tense and intense - beautiful and terrifying. The Ætheric Lamp is the debut of several new members of Stone Breath. Joining timeMOTheye on this release are Don Belch (guitarist/multi-instrumentalist), Brooke Elizabeth (vocals,percussion), and Carin Wagner Sloan (from The Iditarod).


"Some music is simply precious. What is meant by this is that the music itself is so delicate, so powerful while being so tender, that listening to it is like holding a child. The sedative soft female vocals over intricate guitar melodies shows a skill that is very unique, while creating an emotive trance that is extremely soothing... - Heathen Harvest

"The music very much is like a devotional chant for a world, which is in an apocalypse-like state of degradation, while concentrating on spiritual levels during the lamenting of its decay..." - Psyche Van Het Folk


CD Album (H/E050)
  1. Beautiful and Terrible
  2. The Voice of the Thunder
  3. The Sleeping Rise
  4. Scorpion Tears
  5. Where Angel Wings Unfold
  6. Wingstorm
  7. Holywater
  8. Terrible and Beautiful
  9. The Sky's Red Tongue
  10. The Coming Fires