Black Lesbian Fishermen - The Metaphysics of Natron

The Metaphysics of Natron

Black Lesbian Fishermen

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Black Lesbian Fishermen - The Metaphysics of Natron

Black Lesbian Fishermen are an international ambient/drone/experimental collective based in Athens, Greece.  Between them they have been involved with many projects - Coil, Current 93, Eyeless In Gaza, Nurse With Wound, Whitehouse, Z’ev, Attila Csihar, Rotting Christ – to name a few. Black Lesbian Fishermen, however, stand alone as a mind-blowingly impressive psych band with a distinctive, transportive & ritualistic sound. Since their debut album, ‘Ectopic Apiary’ the band has continued to play live shows and record one-off tracks for various compilations whilst working on ‘The Metaphysics Of Natron’ in Athens and Evia. The new album contains 8 stunning new studio recordings that further mine the occult psychedelic seam they have made their own.


"Black Lesbian Fisherman are some sort of Greek/British/US collective specialising in an atmospheric psychedelia that simply could not have come out of the nineties or the 000s – my thoughts maybe turned towards the maudlin at this moment but this month’s The Metaphysics of Natron feels a lot like a record for today’s uneasy times." - Partly Porpoise for "The Metaphysics of Natron"

"All the tracks on the album have a subtle love of detail, which in some moments is clearly in the foreground - for example in the shyly flicking and rumbling 'Lox on Krax' before it becomes a shoegazing drone landscape, or in the jingling syrup of 'You Find the Noise' whose title, almost paradoxically, is announced by a fragile child's voice before it turns into a rough space rock board. Other pieces like the progressive-jazzed 'Third Rubic' with the clear signature of Stratis Sgourellis turn out to be more driving and could have become veritable pop songs thanks to the harmonious female vocals, if something like that were possible in the surreal parallel world of the Fishermen. This world perhaps reveals itself best there, where singing and melodic guitar playing just stick out like exotic leaves and blossoms from a mixture of bizarre sounds. Such moments would be worthy of Nurse With Wound's collages, which featured guitarist Alan Trench." - African Paper for "Metaphysics of Natron"

"The band members have an impressive history and catalogue with their other projects, however Black Lesbian Fishermen stand in their own right as a mindblowingly impressive psych band that firmly command their own distinctive and transportive sound." - The Active Listener for "Ectopic Apiary"


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  1. To Sic a Goddess
  2. You Find the Noise
  3. Mooncone
  4. Lox on Krax
  5. Third Rubric
  6. All of This Is Memory
  7. Pigs Before Strawberries
  8. Polemoscope