Crow Tongue and Language of Light - The Tower / Wind Chant

The Tower / Wind Chant

Crow Tongue and Language of Light

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7" Vinyl Single 2 tracks £7.00


Crow Tongue and Language of Light - The Tower / Wind Chant

7" split featuring Language of Light and Crow Tongue. Marbled vinyl. Limited to 500 copies. Featuring artwork by Timothy Revelator, Frank Suchomel and R. Loftiss.

Language of Light’s music combines the ambient drone of Inalonelyplace with the folkish experiments of The Gray Field Recordings in what has been described as “elegant gossamer drone” (Ptolemaic Terrascope, Aug 2008).

Crow Tongue began after tiMOTHy recorded the particularly apocalyptic album, "Hoofbeat, Caw, and Thunder" which found him singing about huge gatherings of crows he took for harbingers of the End Times. Having previously made music with the acid-experimental-folk band Stone Breath, tiMOTHy was seeking something new. Not a break from what he did before, but something that encompassed more of his influences (which range from Middle Eastern music to reggae to Doom), and represented a sound he has been hearing in his head for many years. The key to this, he knew, was rhythms so with the addition of Æ Hoskin on drums, Timothy's vision was complete.


"... Language of Light emit an oddly measured swirl of violin, female vocals...Crow Tongue,... have an equally ritualistic heft, ...but their sound is more rooted in rhythmic primitivism..." - The Wire

"...a 7" from today's folk scene...the previously unknown to me Language of Light turn in a ...surprisingly beautiful song...they craft the tune out of ethereal strands of guitar, male/female vocals, violin, and intangible electronic swelling. More, please!" - Blastitude

"...a good split single by two interesting artists from the American experimental scene. If you ..fancy a peek at what's happening in the US folk/drone avantgarde, do pick up this slab of grey matter." - Evening of Light

"...hypnotic and magical sounding and really provoking its content as it is, a moment that could easily last forever." - Psyche van Het Folk

"...this is quality stuff indeed...highly recommended to lovers of folk strangeness." - Ptolemaic Terrascope

"Slap this one on your turntable for a nice morning repast of sinister folk loveliness..." - KFJC


7" Vinyl Single (ECLP001)
  1. The Tower
  2. Wind Chant