Temple Music - Thanatafferent Matter

Thanatafferent Matter

Temple Music

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Temple Music - Thanatafferent Matter

THANATAFFERENT MATTER : Matters arising out of, or suggested by, death.
IS the new album from TEMPLE MUSIC (Alan Trench (Synths, Guitars, Vox, Treatments, Whistles & Gongs) and Dan Doughty (Synths, Treatments).
Suggested by tracks recorded for the STRANGE FISH (Fruits De Mer) imprint, Thanatafferent Matter is Temple Music’s take on the Kosmische / Krautrock genre… full of motorik drone and angular rhythms, killer guitar riffs and sidereal synths, and chock-a-block with poptastic alien space-rock… this album is full of radio friendly activity for your cosmic bachelor pad…


"...an excellent album of instrumental psychedelic music, that effectively combines a heavy intensity with an experimental sensibility." - Bliss Aquamarine


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  1. Sunsys
  2. Lycanthropic Fold
  3. From the Serene Republic
  4. Repercussive Repeal (Of Obsolescence)
  5. Taken from the Inside, Out
  6. In Case of You
  7. All in the Green
  8. Dreaming of Flying East